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Well someone’s gotta do it right? These Big & Tall gentlemen were determined to make New York, and anyone else who dared to look in their direction, see the Bigger Picture. The Big & Tall community represented by National Curves Day, Inc., actively took matters into their own hands by launching “The Bigger Picture, A Plus-size Male Campaign” accompanied by a flash mob fashion segment sponsored by Johnny Bigg.

And YES it was in Times Square, during New York Fashion Week. A BOLD move that paid off.

Some of our favorite Influencers got together and made the statement. International Model and Influencer, Cameron “Big Cam” Boyland, Model and Voice Actor, Brandon Madden, Style Expert, and Creative Director, Steven Green, and Fashion Model, Soouizz Okeke are all co-founders of the movement. They were joined on the streets of New York City by dozens of other big and tall influencers (and female plus models) who came out to stand strong in the movement.

We all want to see more opportunities and luxury brand options for our Big & Tall men in our lives; not just the models want to look good. The lack of diversity and inclusion for Big & Tall on the runway during fashion week has been a pain point for many years after being treated as a minority within the industry when in reality; they represent the majority with over 70% of the United States population considered “Plus Size.”

“I’m thrilled to be a change advocate and trailblazer for plus-size men on the runway. Our representation should not be limited, nor restricted as major consumers to the Fashion industry.” Cameron Boyland continues, “We’ve created the buzz, we’ve created the demand, so now it’s time to take action. Instead of asking to have a seat at the table, we’re creating our own table where everyone has a seat regardless of their shape, color, or size.”

Queen Size Magazine was front and center supporting our Big & Tall men; just the way they have supported the plus industry all these years.

An important message was delivered to the fashion world with the support and participation of True Model Management and Bridge Models. The plus-size male divisions of both agencies were represented during the flashmob segment, which brought to life the overall vision of the campaign especially when Bridge Model, Camrion, was 1 of 2 plus-size men who strutted down the catwalk in the Tommy Hilfiger fashion show. The collection shown in partnership with the Andy Warhol Foundation intentionally moved beyond tokenism by exemplifying diversity and inclusion in several different forms; not to mention size.

Title Sponsor, JohnnyBigg was pleased with the turnout and success of the flashmob event, which hosted 75 registrants.

“We are excited to be part of The Bigger Picture campaign and what it represents for the fashion industry. As a brand we are all about championing big and tall men and this gives us a platform to join the conversation whilst launching our new fall collection.” - Alexa Lundin Head of Marketing, Johnny Bigg
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